About Us

Turn Key Films distributes and sells films worldwide.  Turn Key Films also functions as a production company producing original content as well as funding films at different stages of development and completion.


Our Mission


Turn Key Films was founded to be an advocate for good films, and the filmmakers that create them.  We saw that there were two trends emerging in the industry: the "Hollywood model" has become broken and outdated, and nobody was willing to fix it.  Secondly, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to have access to equipment that can produce Hollywood-quality films on a budget.


Filmmaker Relationships


Because of these trends, there are now more oppportunities for talented filmmakers to get discovered, and we want to find those filmmakers and guide them through the business end of the process.  Our main goal is to not just work with filmmakers on their current film, but to cultivate relationships with them and help get to their next film to get their career to the next level.


Buyer Relationships


We look through countless titles and trailers to find films that are hidden gems, giving buyers the opportunity to browse a curated catalogue of films they know will be of the quality and value they are seeking.  Our regular buyers know our catalogue is a trusted place for them to come and find what they need.


Film Markets


We attend all the major film markets to represent our titles. We take these opportunities to meet with and maintain relationships with our regular buyers and to seek out networking opportunities with those who may be interested in our catalogue of films.